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THOR M408 Legacy – Advanced Long Range System

This item is EAR controlled and will require a US Commerce Department export license to be shipped out of the United States. Please contact a THOR Sales Representative for Export information.



The THOR M408 is so accurate and powerful that it is ideal in any “close encounter” type environment involving acts of terrorism such as hijackings, kidnappings, hostage situations, the seizing of strategic targets such as nuclear powerplants, etc. The THOR system is designed to punch through any type material be it steel, glass, windscreens of airplanes, doors, car engines, etc…close up and long range. The design of the bullet results in such accuracy that close range shots can be made without magnified optics.

The THOR M408 rifle is the ultimate in long range precision. This rifle sets the standard worldwide for special operations teams needing a specialized system capable of hard and soft target interdiction at ranges beyond 2,000 meters. 

We are pleased to offer the full line of THOR 408 and 375 rifles with quick turnaround and short lead times for custom builds. To provide more information on the system, The THOR M408 is a 7 shot repeating, take down rifle system. The barrel is removable and replaceable by the operator. The rifle has an over the barrel bipod system built onto the barrel shroud with carry handle. The M408 comes standard with a custom Krieger barrel and completely adjustable butt stock. In fact, the entire rifle is maintainable at the operator level – including complete tear down. Spare barrels can be maintained at the unit level and replacement can be made in the field, allowing for special barrel design and shorter barrels.

The takedown capabilities provides a safe rifle which supports all methods of infiltration; including military free-fall, static line, small boat, dive lockout as well as all other forms of infiltration. The M408 repeats its different zeros extremely well. The system has been repeatedly disassembled and reassembled with no change in zero. This includes removal of the barrel and reinstallation, removing and reinstalling the optics and removing and reinstalling the suppressor. The M408 is very pleasurable to shoot due to the purpose built and very effective muzzle brake that has very little overpressure felt by shooter or observer.

The M408 is a solid anti-personnel system to distances beyond 2000 yards. The primary intent of the .408 is as an extreme range anti-personnel system. Groups of 7″- 9″ at 1000 yards, 10″ at 1500 yards and 15″ at 2000 yards have been consistently obtained. Groups of 19″ at 2100 yards and 29″― at 2400 yards have also been obtained. All groups that are up to 3000 yards are less than 1 minute of angle for vertical dispersion. The extreme range capability of the M408 allows the shooter to standoff at a distance that is unparalleled by any other system, including the 50 SASR. As an anti-personnel system, the M408 is only limited by flight time in regards to flight of the projectile to the target. The nature of the target at that point becomes the limiting factor of the systems maximum effective range.

The high remaining kinetic energy characteristics of the 408 projectile make it a very effective anti-material rifle. The .50 BMG has a higher initial muzzle energy of 11,200 ft. lbs. vs. the 408s energy of 7,700 lbs. At 700 yards however, the remaining energy of the 408 is higher than that of the .50 caliber rifle. Ranges past 700 yards are the realistic engagement-range for anti- material rifles. The .408CT projectile will defeat any material that the .50 BMG can defeat except those targets that require an explosive projectile.

  • Advantages:
    • Accuracy – Due to harmonics and a more stable shooting platform as well as an accurized assembly, the accuracy of the M408 is greatly enhanced. Guaranteed sub-MOA.
    • Recoil – The M408 substantially reduces recoil, allowing for quicker follow up shots
    • Balance – Increased balance designed to work better with suppressor
    • Transport – Carry handle allows for convenient transport
    • Adjustable cheek piece
    • Enhanced machine process
    • KRIEGER barrel
  • Fully adjustable hardened aluminum stock with sliding mechanism
  • Adjustable mono-pod
  • 29” fluted match grade barrel with easily removable muzzle brake

Rifles Specifications:

  • Caliber – .408 CT
  • Operating Principle – Bolt
  • Extended – 54.5in / 138.4cm
  • Collapsed – 48in / 121.9cm
  • Weight – 26 lbs / 11.79kg
  • Barrel – 29 inches / 76.2cm
  • Twist rate – 1:13 twist
  • Feeding – Magazine 7 Rounds
  • Rail Length – 10in / 25.4cm

Model                                                                                                       Caliber                                Item Number
THOR M408 Legacy – Advanced Long Range System            .408 CT                                M408-L
THOR M375 Legacy – Advanced Long Range System            .375 CT                                M375-L
THOR M338 LRIM – Advanced Long Range System                .338 Lapua                         M338TLRIM

Optional Features                       Caliber                          Item Number
Ammunition                                    .408 CT                           T408
Ammunition                                    .375 CT                           T375
Ammunition                                    .338 Lapua                    T338
Barrel Conversion Kit                  .408 CT                           TRM30-408BC
Barrel Conversion Kit                  .375 CT                           TRM30-375BC
Barrel Only                                       .408 CT                           TRM30-408
Barrel Only                                       .375 CT                           TRM30-375
Barrel Only                                       .338 Lapua                   TRM30-338
Scope                                                 US Optics                      T/ERIS
Suppressor                                .375 CT / .408 CT              TRSP408



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