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THOR M338 LRIM – Advanced Long Range System

The THOR (Long Range Interdiction) LRI Series of weapons are based along the same guidelines of the M408 project specifications – these systems provide the most advanced and stable platform currently available.


Recoil – The LRIM338 substantially reduces recoil, allowing for quicker follow up shots
Accuracy – Due to harmonics and a more stable shooting platform as well as an accurized assembly, the accuracy of the LRIM338 is greatly enhanced. Guaranteed sub-MOA.
Fully adjustable hardened aluminum stock with sliding mechanism
Adjustable mono-pod
Fluted match grade barrel with easily removable muzzle brake

Rifles Specifications:

Caliber – .338 Lapua Magnum
Extended: 51.5in
Collapsed: 45in
Weight – 24 lbs
Barrel – 27 inches
Twist rate – 1:12 twist
Rail Length – 10in / 25.4cm

Extended Rail Available for forward mounted optical devices



Model                                                                                                       Caliber                                Item Number
THOR M408 Legacy – Advanced Long Range System            .408 CT                                M408-L
THOR M375 Legacy – Advanced Long Range System            .375 CT                                M375-L
THOR M338 LRIM – Advanced Long Range System                .338 Lapua                         M338TLRIM

Optional Features                       Caliber                          Item Number
Ammunition                                    .408 CT                           T408
Ammunition                                    .375 CT                           T375
Ammunition                                    .338 Lapua                    T338
Barrel Conversion Kit                  .408 CT                           TRM30-408BC
Barrel Conversion Kit                  .375 CT                           TRM30-375BC
Barrel Only                                       .408 CT                           TRM30-408
Barrel Only                                       .375 CT                           TRM30-375
Barrel Only                                       .338 Lapua                   TRM30-338
Scope                                                 US Optics                      T/ERIS
Suppressor                                .375 CT / .408 CT              TRSP408


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THOR Global Defense Group, INC.
1206 Knesek Lane
Van Buren, Arkansas, 72956 USA

Phone: +1-479-474-3434
Fax: +1-479-262-6925
DUNS: #008351722


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