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Q: How do I buy a THOR rifle?

A: It’s simple. All you have to do is go to your local federally licensed firearm dealer (FFL Dealer) and ask him or her to contact us. THOR can’t sell rifles directly to the public. But we can immediately send your rifle of choice to your dealer. The price and method of payment is between you and your firearm dealer.

Q: I’m a FFL dealer. How do I order products from THOR?

A: To obtain a list of our dealer prices simply click here to submit your information to request our dealer price list emailed to you. You can also order from one of our distributors.

Q: How are your rifles distributed?

A: We sell rifles to distributors and directly to federally licensed firearms dealers (FFL Dealers).

Q: What are the prices of your rifles?

A: Retail price list reflects U.S. commercial sales only. For international, military or law enforcement pricing, please contact us.  For eligible individuals, the Service Appreciation Program is available through a partnership with Agency Equipment the administration of the Service Appreciation Program.  Please contact Agency Equipment at 479-474-1680 for eligibility and information.

Q: Do you also sell to police departments or government agencies?

A: Yes, we also have an LE/Government Sales Division that focuses only on sales to them.

Q: Do you have shooting facilities / ranges?

A: Yes, we have on-site ranges up to 1000 meters for customer use and demonstration purposes.

Q: Do you have conference rooms available?

A: Yes, we have conference rooms.

Q: Does the THOR factory offer tours?

A: Unfortunately, no being a defense contractor, we have DOD rules.

Q: Do you export?

A: Yes, we export worldwide.

Q: How do we communicate if I’m unable to speak English?

A: Contact us and we can set up an appointment with an interpreter. Additionally, please use Google Translate or a similar service if possible.

Q: What states will you ship guns to in the United States?

A: All 50 states, subject to local and state law. Check with your local law enforcement official.

Q: What is your mailing address?

A: THOR Global Defense Group, Inc.

1206 Knesek Lane, Van Buren, AR 72956 USA

Q: How do I pay?

A: We accept postal money orders, certified checks, credit cards, and bank wire transfers. Under some circumstances, we accept personal checks but they will be held 7 to 10 days until they clear the bank. Be sure to always send your payment with a signature required so someone will have to sign for it.

Q: What credit cards do you accept?

A: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Please be aware that credit cards are subject to a 4% processing fee.

Q: If you charge my credit card, but I later decide to send a check, will you refund my credit card the full amount?

A: We will refund your credit card, but be aware that you are still subject the the 4% processing fee.

Q: Who do I make the check out to?

A: THOR Global Defense Group, Inc. or THOR GDG

Q: Do you accept PayPal?

A: No, we do not.

Q: Do you charge sales tax?

A: We are required to charge a 8.25% sales tax from sales made in Arkansas/Crawford County.

Q: What are your hours?

A: We are on the internet 24/7. Office hours 7 days a week 8am-5pm.

Q: What is the warranty on THOR rifles?

A: Click here to read about our Rifle Warranty.

Q: If you have an older EDM ARM’s Windrunner that needs repair, can it be sent in for gunsmithing services?

A: Yes. Older EDM rifles will be covered under their original warranty.

Q: How do I order parts, and how do I determine what part to order?

A: Your operator’s manual and our website both have exploded parts views and corresponding parts lists. You can view parts in our products.  If you need to order parts please contact us.

Q:  What is the current build time on a rifle or rifle package?

A: Three to four months is our average lead time

Q: What bullet is in the THOR .50 BMG M33 ball ammunition?

A: This ammunition contains a copper-jacketed, mild steel core, boat tail bullet.

Q: What is the maximum effective range for the .50 BMG AND .408 CT rifles?

A: Because so many variables influence this answer (type of ammunition, target size, optics quality and power, shooter ability and experience, weather conditions, etc.), we warn shooters that a bullet fired from any large-caliber rifle can travel as far as five miles.

Q: What finish is on a THOR rifle?

A: Generally speaking, the steel parts are “parkerized” and the aluminum parts are Type III, hard coat anodized. Parkerizing is also known as mil spec standard STD171 manganese phosphate. Many of our rifles are also Cerakoted.

Q: What is MOA?

A: MOA is the abbreviation for minute of angle. There are 360 degrees of angle in a full circle. Each of these degrees can be further divided into 60 minutes of angle. Defined loosely, the angle of one MOA equals one inch at 100 yards. If you were to extend this angle to 1,000 yards, one MOA would be 10 inches. (Without getting into geometry, but to satisfy inquiring minds, the true MOA at 100 yards is 1.0476 inches, or 10.476 inches at 1,000 yards.)

Q: What is your recommended barrel break-in procedure?

A: Because individual barrels, powder, primer and bullet combinations vary widely we don’t offer a specific procedure. We do, however, recognize that a clean barrel shoots better. We also recommend that you not overheat your barrel, especially when it’s new. Our experience has shown us that the bore will begin to be less prone to fouling over time and that accuracy increases as this happens.

Q: Which scope should I use on my THOR large-caliber rifle?

A: It depends on your planned shooting conditions. In low light conditions and at extremely long distances, top quality glass is superior to lesser quality glass, but it’s also much more expensive. Many experienced shooters prefer scopes with generous elevation travel. Some shooters prefer a standard duplex reticle, while others can make full use of complex ranging reticles. The only thing we can recommend for sure is that your scope should be as rugged as your THOR rifle.

Q: Was my rifle sighted in before it left the factory?

A: If your rifle was sold as a kit (meaning it came with a scope from THOR) it was bore-sighted at 100 meters before it shipped. You still need to zero the scope for your own preferences, but your first shot should be “on the paper.” Although it’s always possible that someone moved the turrets after it left the factory.

Q: Can I shoot a “BORE RIDER” bullet in my .50 BMG THOR rifle?

A: No. The chambers are not cut for bore rider cartridges.

Q: Does THOR recommend firing corrosive ammunition?

A: Absolutely not. This can damage your firearm. Damage due to firing corrosive ammunition is easy to detect and is not covered under the warranty agreement. However, if you have been forced by necessity or have accidentally fired corrosive ammunition, the following specialized cleaning procedure applies: As soon as possible after firing the corrosive ammunition, thoroughly scrub the bore and bolt face with very hot soapy water. The soapy water will neutralize the salts which attract oxygen to the steel surface. When the metal is clean, rinse the surfaces with very hot water. Wipe off excess moisture. (The residual heat in the metal will evaporate moisture.) Continue cleaning the rifle using procedures specified for non-corrosive ammunition. Or, if temporary transportation or storage is necessary, coat all surfaces with rust preventive or light oil.

Q: Does THOR offer hunting ammunition for my .50 BMG OR 408CT?

A: Yes. Be sure to check your local regulations. Hunting with nonexpanding bullets is illegal in some states.

Q: Why do you chrome line the chamber on your large-caliber rifles?

A: Chrome lining the chamber helps resist corrosion and improves extraction reliability.

Q: Does THOR sell used rifles?

A: No, not usually, however on rare occasions we will sell dealers our demo rifles.

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