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Law Enforcement

Since 2009, THOR Global Defense Group has been the main manufacturer of weapons and ammo for Military, Federal Agencies, Law Enforcement, and Private Contractors WORLDWIDE!

THOR Global Defense Group is committed to providing the operational equipment and services needed to complete any mission. Our procedures have been painstakingly developed to streamline procurement and shorten the overall logistics pipeline while providing rapid response and the best value to our clients.  These unique acquisition methods, combined with innovative supply chain management and logistics solutions allow us to be a “one-stop” for all their needs, THOR Global Defense Group had worked with numerous agencies across the country and worldwide.

THOR Is a Leading Supplier To Law Enforcement and Government Agencies.



For 2020, THOR is pleased to partner with Agency Equipment for the administration of the Service Appreciation Program.  Please contact them for eligibility and information, their contact information is listed below:

Agency Equipment


In addition to individual sales, THOR can equip your unit, department, or agency with our weapons. A valid department purchase order and tax-exempt forms are required for all Law Enforcement rifle and suppressor orders. All Law Enforcement orders must be shipped directly to a department.

Law Enforcement prices reflect Federal Excise Tax Exemption. All prices/specifications released are subject to change without notice, reflect the base rifle plus accessories, do not include shipping, and are only applicable to sales within the U.S.

To request the LE Department & Military Unit price list, please complete the form below.

THOR Global Defense Group offers a wide variety of training. View our courses and schedule here.

Evaluating the potential of any new business can be daunting to say the least. But the prospect of starting a commercial shooting range can become overwhelming with questions about courseware, ventilation, lead abatement, general environmental concerns, zoning regulations, proper range equipment and all the thousand tedious details that go into creating a safe environment for commercial shooting.

THOR ELITE gives you access to a team of professionals that are involved on a daily basis in the management, safe operations, marketing, training, and logistical aspects of THOR ELITE Shooting Ranges. We are offering our experience and knowledge to assist you in creating your successful and safe commercial shooting range.

With commercial range planning, your assessments and recommendations will be based on both a current market and a demographic analysis for your commercial range operation. The primary goal of our services is to ensure the development, understanding, and verification of the ideal business plan for the operation of a modern range facility.

Services Available include:

  • Business Location evaluation
  • Demographic analysis to include competition analysis
  • Governmental documentation and regulation needs assessment
  • Planning and zoning process understanding and presentations
  • Plan/Design review
  • Revenue and operating cost projections
  • Safety
  • Budget development and justification
  • Trades negotiation and recommendations
  • THOR Range Products
  • Pro-Shop Inventory
  • Software
  • Range maintenance
  • Range Project Funding
  • Franchising

Project Financing Available

THOR GDG has developed a buyback program for Law Enforcement and Government agencies that will help keep our officials outfitted with new state of the art equipment:

  • Our buyback program consists of pistols, rifles, and shotguns
  • Re-purchased units used as credit for the new THOR models
  • On-site training for new purchases available
  • NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED, just official purchase order
  • No condition requirements except functionality
  • The condition of units will determine buyback credit value*
  • Professional adherence to department procedure

*blue of items may result in no out of pocket expenses

THOR Rifles & Training Grant Program

We at THOR Rifles, Inc. are happy to provide free rifles and training to needy agencies. We want to help agencies that need rifles but can’t afford them.

How It Works:

Applying for a grant is easy and takes just a few minutes. Simply answer the questions on the THOR Rifles & Training Grant Application and forward to our office.

We regularly have demo rifles that we cannot sell as new. These rifles have had very little use and need a good home.

When these rifles find their new home, we want to make sure that the agency is properly trained.

To obtain rifles through the THOR Rifles & Training Grant Program, agencies are requested to host a Rifle Armorer and/or Instructor course at no cost to the agency.

Our staff meets monthly to review the grant applications. We will notify the agency of the award and work towards scheduling the training.

Hosting a Course:

Agencies need to provide a classroom for Armoring Courses or a range for Instructor courses. We ask that agencies help promote the course. We will handle registration and POST paperwork, if applicable. We provide all tools, targets, etc.

Criteria for selection include:

  • Agency currently needs rifles but can’t afford them
  • Agency is willing to host a Rifle Armorer and/or Instructor course

Questions? Email us at

Coming Soon!


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