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THOR XM408 Windrunner .408 CT

This item is EAR controlled and will require a US Commerce Department export license to be shipped out of the United States. Please contact a THOR Sales Representative for Export information.


These are the famous XM408 WINDRUNNER Rifles chambered in multiple calibers and are capable of providing extreme firepower at long range as a lightweight takedown rifle system.  There are no other Rifles like the WINDRUNNERS that break down and fit into a small package.
This rifle is produced in conjunction with Bill Ritchie, developer of the predecessor WINDRUNNER platform. The XM408 WINDRUNNER is mated with a 30″ free-floating fluted match grade barrel which can be easily removed without tools. Each rifle is fed using a detachable single stack box magazine, which holds seven rounds of .408 CT  ammunition.
They hold there value and every part is made in the USA.

Guaranteed Sub MOA

  • Receiver: One-piece, CNC machined 4140 chromoly, hardened to 4042 Rockwell
  • Magazine: 7-round, single stack or upgrade  10 -round
  • Barrel 30-inch Fluted Barrel; Secured to the receiver by Uzi-style threaded nut and self-locking ratchet
  • Trigger: Remington-style, 4-lb. pull
  • Muzzle Brake: Shark-Style Muzzle Brake
  • Stock: Adjustable by sliding it away or into the receiver
  • Cheekrest: Molded Steel
  • Recoil Pad: Rubber
  • Monopod: Folds in and out of the stock
  • Bipod: M60 Style



  • Caliber – .408 CT
  • Length
    • Extended 54.5in / 138.4cm
    • Collapsed 48in / 121.9cm
  • Weight – 26 lbs / 11.79kg
  • Barrel – 30 inches / 76.2cm
  • Twist rate – 1:13 twist
  • Rail Length – 10in / 25.4cm
    • Extended rail available for forward mounted optical devices


Model                                              Caliber      Item Number
THOR M96 Windrunner           .50 BMG      M96
THOR XM408 Windrunner      .408 CT        XM408A1
THOR XM375 Windrunner      .375 CT        M375-W

Optional Features                     Caliber                         Item Number
Ammunition                                   .50 BMG                       T50
Ammunition                                   .408 CT                         T408
Ammunition                                   .375 CT                         T375
Barrel Conversion Kit                 .50 BMG                       TRM30-50BC
Barrel Conversion Kit                 .408 CT                         TRM30-408BC
Barrel Conversion Kit                 .375 CT                         TRM30-375BC
Barrel Only                                      .50 BMG                       TRM30-50
Barrel Only                                      .408 CT                         TRM30-408
Barrel Only                                      .375 CT                         TRM30-375
Magazine                                         XM408/XM375            T4037-5
Scope                                               US Optics                      T/ERIS
Soft Case                            WINDRUNNER Series           TWSC
Suppressor                            .375 CT / .408  CT               TRSP408

Upgraded Model Available                      Caliber                         Item Number
THOR M408 LEGACY .408 CT                     .408 CT                          M408-L

In remembrance to Bill Ritchie


Legal / Cease and Desist


For More Information

THOR Global Defense Group, INC.
1206 Knesek Lane
Van Buren, Arkansas, 72956 USA

Phone: +1-479-474-3434
Fax: +1-479-262-6925
DUNS: #008351722



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