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The THOR TP5K is a clone of the MP5, 9mm Semi Auto Roller Lock Pistol. Custom built by THOR, the TP5K features the MAD MAX MP5 Bolt head. The extractor spring is the weak spot for the MP5 and the MAD MAX eliminates any issue with our semi & full auto TP5K.  THOR Global Defense Group offers a wide selection of roller lock weapons for the shooting enthusiast and we build a weapon that combines high quality parts at reasonable price. Each weapon is hand built with attention to detail and goes through a rigorous 31 point quality check including 30 rounds of ammunition fired before final approval. Each weapon is built to exceed military standards and THOR backs their weapons with a Manufacturers 5 Year Factory Warranty.

The THOR Clone series has an impressive list of features not only with the parts used but also the build quality. A few to mention are all Tri lugs are properly timed at the 12 o’clock position  and laser bore sighted to insure a straight build. Receiver flats are correctly rolled and welds are proper and cosmetically appealing. Front sights are pressed on and pinned just like the original build process in Germany and they are not welded on like the lesser quality clones. Head Space is checked multiple times throughout the build to insure tight build specs from beginning to end. The finish of the gun is outstanding and has a base of Parkerization with an Epoxy paint final coat that is nearly indestructible. This proprietary finish coats the entire firearm inside and out with a consistent .003 thick finish that is gorgeous and rivals some custom high end guns. Each pistol is shipped in a pistol soft case for protection & comes with 1-30 round US mag, Owners Manual and a copy of the Quality Control check list of your gun signed and dated by the builder.


General Technical Information  Semi-Auto Firing System
Caliber 9 mm x 19
Operating principle Delayed roller locked bolt
Magazine capacity 15/30 rounds
Modes of fire Safe/Semi/Full
Rate of fire approx. 900/min
Sights 4 position drum
Buttstock Sling Swivel End Cap
Length approx. mm inch
Width approx. 55.0 mm  2.17 inch
Height approx. 230.0 mm 9.06 inch
Barrel length approx. 148 mm 5.83 inch
Sight radius approx. 260.0 mm 10.24 inch
Weapon approx.  g  lb  oz
Magazine approx. 120/170 g 4.23/6 oz


Spec One
Spec One
Spec One
Spec One
Spec One

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THOR Global Defense Group HQ
1206 Knesek Lane
Van Buren, Arkansas, 72956
United States of America

Phone: +1-479-474-3434
Fax: +1-479-262-6925
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