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THOR 1911A1

THOR is focused on innovation, quality and top notch craftsmanship. THOR 1911 handguns are quality engineered with features that no other 1911 can match. We take pride in the integrity and quality of our custom made firearms. THOR handguns deliver the unmatched authority that comes from a .45 caliber weapon in a gunfight.

  • We feel strongly that our premium quality hand-assembled firearms are among the finest available and guarantee that our integrity checking is beyond reproach. We strive to make the very best high grade, high performance firearms using our own innovative designs, superior components and hand craftsmanship.
  • THOR 1911 handguns are fully CAD/CAM designed to our unique specifications before entering production where each unit is cut from extremely high quality steel. We hold the tightest tolerances in the industry and guarantee the consistency of each frame which is individually machined on state-of-the-art CNC equipment to ultra-precise uniform specifications. We feel that a fighting pistol should have a simple clean design with ergonomics to enhance the operation without complicating it. Every part on our firearms has been redesigned, enhanced or more closely tolerance for one thing: performance.
  • Every feature built into a THOR firearm exists for a reason, and we have learned through experience what works, what doesn’t and why. It’s for these reasons that our handguns are the choice of professional operators and those who have the desire to own the most reliable and advanced 1911 on the market.


Each THOR 1911 features the following:

  • Barrel channel is precision bored
  • Frame fully ramped & polished
  • Barrel hand throated
  • Precision slide serrations on front and rear
  • Ejection ports are lowered and flared cut to critical match grade dimensions so each pistol can realize its true accuracy potential so brass ejects easily and fully clears the slide, avoiding jams
  • A complete trigger job is performed at our shop. THOR match grade triggers break crisp and clean.
  • The feed lips are heavily profiled for optimal positioning of the cartridge
  • Followers are made from self-lubricating polymer with a hardened steel insert
  • Chrome silicon springs and fully machined
  • Advanced Recoil Spring


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Van Buren, Arkansas, 72956 USA

Phone: +1-479-474-3434
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