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THOR OC MK3 Aerosol Stream Inert 2oz

The MK-3 unit combined with the Ballistic Stream delivery system gives its user an easy to carry and accurate less-than-lethal option. It is perfect for prisoner cell extractions, controlling small crowds, pre-entry, and area denial situations. You can feel comfortable either engaging multiple targets or picking out individuals; the MK-3 Ballistic Stream gives its user the tactical edge. From Security guards to the country’s top law enforcement officers, the MK-3 has proven itself to be a valuable less-than-lethal option.

The 2 oz Flip Top MK-3 Stream OC Unit is safe for use with EMD devices (Electro-Muscular Disruptor).

Labels on the cans are filled with all of the necessary information that you need. Serial Numbers, Expiration Dates, Stock Numbers, and Delivery System are all included on the label for easy identification.

  • Flip Top safety helps prevent accidental discharges.
  • Powerful formulation quickly incapacitates subjects.
  • Available in Fog/Cone, Stream, and BOV Stream delivery systems. (For Fog/Cone and BOV Stream, see product list)
  • Individual Serial Numbers on each label.
  • Date of Expiration on each label.

2 oz Flip Top MK-3 Inert Stream Unit. Product contains an inert formulation at 0% TC (Total Capsaicinoids) ASTA Method 21.3, latest measurement standard.


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