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Gun Range Development Consulting

THOR Global Defense Group, Inc Range Development Consulting


Evaluating the potential of any new business can be daunting to say the least. But the prospect of starting a commercial shooting range can become overwhelming with questions about courseware, ventilation, lead abatement, general environmental concerns, zoning regulations, proper range equipment, and all the thousand tedious details that go into creating a safe environment for commercial shooting.

THOR Global Defense Group, Inc gives you access to a team of professionals that are involved on a daily basis in the management, safe operations, marketing, training, and logistical aspects of THOR Global Defense Group, Inc Shooting Ranges. We are offering our experience and knowledge to assist you in creating your successful and safe commercial shooting range.

With commercial range planning, your assessments and recommendations will be based on both a current market and a demographic analysis for your commercial range operation. The primary goal of our services is to ensure the development, understanding, and verification of the ideal business plan for the operation of a modern range facility.

Services Available include:

    • Business Location evaluation
    • Demographic analysis to include competition analysis
    • Governmental documentation and regulation needs assessment
    • Planning and zoning process understanding and presentations
    • Plan / Design review
    • Revenue and operating cost projections
    • Safety
    • Budget development and justification
    • Trades negotiation and recommendations
    • THOR Global Defense Group, Inc Range Products
    • Pro-Shop Inventory
    • Software
    • Range maintenance
    • Range Project Funding
    • Franchising

Project Financing Available

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