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THOR Global Defense Group, Inc. provides excellent opportunities for franchise offices located outside the continental United States. We are always seeking capable individuals to expand our business and streamline our business processes. Applicants should have assets and capital capable of establishing a suitable office in the agreed location and have a working knowledge of the firearms and defense industries.

THOR Global Defense Group, Inc. has the most diverse franchising opportunities available. Our franchises are specifically designed to meet the needs for your location and infrastructure. We not only work with firearms and ranges, we work in property management, construction, and vending. Franchises are available in any or all of the industries we work in. Please use the Request More Information link below for more information on all of our opportunities.

Why the Gun Range Industry?

The popularity of owning a firearm is at an all-time high. In 2020 an estimated 40 million firearms were sold. Gun ownership has increased 40% in the last two years. And concealed handgun permits increased by 1.73 million. The number of women with permits has increased twice as quickly as the number of men with permits.  As target shooting becomes more popular as a sport, the American gun owner is looking for safe, clean and up-to-date facility that has friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Your Path to Success choosing the right industry in which to launch a new career can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. If you love firearms, why not be in a business that you can be passionate about as well as one with significant financial opportunities.

 About the firearm industry:

  • There are an estimated 82 million gun owners owning roughly 393 million guns in the US!
  • 44 percent of all Americans reported ownership of a gun in their home or on their property.
  • Some 18.4 million Americans “currently participate” in handgun target shooting and 14.8 million in rifle target shooting, an increase from the 16.8 million and 13.9 million.
  • The fire arm market now exceeds $42.9 billion.
  • Forty three states, comprising the majority of the American population, are “right-to-carry” states – thirty six are “shall issue” states.

Even in challenging economic times, our business, our industry, continues to accelerate and expand.                    

Shouldn’t you find out why?


 Starting your own business can be very costly and confusing. So what is the answer to managing your own successful business?  Franchising!  Over 90% of all franchised businesses succeed. Franchising is your Path to Success because you will have an experienced management team guiding you every step of the way making having your own business a dream you really can achieve.

 Experience the lifestyle you have always wanted while building a profitable THOR Elite Shooting Range and Gun Club Business.

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