100% guaranteed satisfaction

Every THOR GDG Rifle comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty.  THOR GDG warranties the initial retail purchaser for his/her lifetime against manufacturer defects.  This does not include normal wear and tear of the firearm, including barrel life, internal components and damages resulting in operator misuse.  Warranty card must be on file for warranty to be honored.  The warranty is granted by THOR GDG Inc 1206 Knesek Lane Van Buren, AR 72956.  WARRANTY MUST BE COMPLETED BY PURCHASER AT TIME OF PUCHASE.

To initiate a warranty claim, call THOR customer service at 001.479.474.1680.  Customer Service between 8AM – 5PM Central Time, 7 days a week to get a  RMA (Return Authorization Number) for Authorization Number.  Warranty claims should state (in writing) the model and serial number of the firearm concerned, a description of the difficulty experienced, and the date of purchase.  The firearm concerned should be shipped (transportation charges prepaid), the Warranty Service Department, THOR GDG 1206 Knesek Lane VB AR 72956.  Firearm shipment should be insured by the owner, as THOR GDG will accept no responsibility for loss or damage in transit.

Shipping & Insurance charges for shipping of the firearm will be paid by THOR GDG if the related claim is a proper claim for warranty work.  Unless otherwise requested, in most cases you will receive a brand new firearm.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your THOR GDG rifle, simply return the product in as new condition with a copy of your invoice and we will offer you a replacement, exchange or full refund for purchase price.  Items that are purchased, but are not manufactured by THOR GDG, such as scopes, cases, etc. are not covered under THOR’s warranty.

Notice of Disclaimer of Liability

THOR GDG Inc will not be responsible for injury, death or damage to property resulting from either intentional or accidental discharge of this firearm or from its function when used for purposes or subjected to treatment for which it was not designed.  THOR will not honor claims involving this firearm which result from careless or improper handling, unauthorized adjustment or parts replacement, corrosion, neglect, ordinary wear and tear or unreasonable use, defective, low quality, reloaded, remanufactured or improper ammunition or the use of other than commercially manufactured ammunition in good condition, or any combination thereof.  THOR will not honor claims involving this firearm when such claims are made by the second or subsequent owner.  Furthermore, the liability of THOR GDG under this warranty shall be limited solely to the obligation to repair or replace the firearm, and to pay transportation and insurance charges for return of the firearm to owner.

**Ammo…Never use ammunition that you’re unsure if it’s reloaded, remanufactured or the date of production. We recommend use of SS109 ammunition for maximum performance.

**Lead…Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead, a substance known to cause birth defects, reproductive harm and other serious physical injury.  Have adequate ventilation at all time, wash hands thoroughly after exposure to lead or handling a firearm.

Your Responsibility

THOR GDG rifles are well engineered and manufactured to the highest standards.  It was proof-fired and carefully inspected before it was packaged and shipped from our facility.  Its safe use depends on you alone.  You are the ultimate safety device.  Much like other mechanical devices, such as electric power tools, gas powered law equipment and automobiles, your rifle is safe unless handled in an irresponsible or uneducated manner.