Welcome to THOR Vending.

THOR Vending

Welcome to THOR Vending

At THOR Vending we offer machines, accessories and services to not only veteran vending clients, but also to clients interested in getting into the vending business themselves who have little to no experience.

In the vending world, the type of machine and machine placement is key to owning a successful vending route. It is our job to make sure you are buying the machines that bring you the largest returns.


Some of our services include but are not limited to:

  • Machine Sales

  • Machine Placement Services

  • Acessories

  • Card Readers

  • Bill Accepters

  • Machine Repairs

  • Vending Stock Manament

  • Software/Hardware Setup

  • and more..


There are many types of vending machines out there. From soda and ice machines to ATM’s and arcade machines. All can be utilized to run a full time business or use as semi-passive income.

Not sure what vending machines will best meet your needs & budget? We offer vending machine consultations at no cost to you!

Some machines use DEX (digital exchange) which is a protocol designed to send information from the vending machine to computer systems. This allows you to use software available to your computer, apple device or android device to manage stock, view reporting and analytics, track your routes as well as other features.

Below are only a few examples of machines we offer.

From new to refurbished units, we have you covered!