Tucker Death Mix

750 ml Everclear
32 oz Lemon Lime Gatorade
2 cans THOR Tactical Energy

Flaming Liquid Cocaine Blaster

1/2 oz Bacardi 151 rum
1/2 oz Jagermeister herbal liqueur
1/2 oz Goldschlager cinnamon schnapps
8 oz can THOR Tactical Energy
Layer all three half shots on top of one another, making sure to float the 151 on top. Ignite; drop into a glass filled with THOR and pound it.

Dirty Dog

2 oz. Absolut Mandarin Vodka
1/2 can THOR Tactical Energy
Snapple (Cranberry/Peach)
Pour the Vodka and THOR into a cocktail glass. Fill the rest of the glass with the Snapple. Garnish with a cherry.

Cold War

12 oz. THOR Tactical Energy
1 1/2 oz. Jagermeister
1 oz. Vodka
Sour Mix
In shaker combine first three ingredients. Add sour mix to taste – to give a bit of a kick. Shake well, pour into a tall glass and serve.

Velvet Goldmine

1 oz. Midori
1 oz. Peach Schnapps
1 oz. Southern Comfort
1 oz. Vodka
1/2 can THOR Tactical Energy
Cointreau (Reverse Measure)
Combine first 5 in a pint glass, fill remaining portion of the glass with Cointreau. Garnish with a slice of orange.

Devil’s Brew

14 cup(s) Port
14 cup(s) Vodka
10 cup(s) Sprite
10 bottle(s) White Wine (75 cl. bottles)
7 bottle(s) Hoopers Hooch
4 cup(s) Fanta
4 cup(s) Gin
4 cup(s) Whiskey
3 can(s) THOR Tactical Energy
2 pint(s) Lager (Strong)
2 cup(s) Tequila
Combine all ingredients in a punch bowl