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THOR THOR TRMA Series Rifles are developed to provide highest level of precision available in the market. The TRMA338 rifles were designed in conjunction with skilled operators to provide high energy firepower beyond 1500 meters. Each rifle is available in a modular chassis system with ample rail space for optics and electronics to enhance field performance. This system is adapted for the long medium range needs of the modern battlefield to exceed armed forces requirements.
  • 20″ Barrel, 1:10 Twist
  • Surefire MB338SS01 Muzzle Brake
  • Huber Concepts Trigger
  • Lightweight Aluminum Chassis with Folding Stock
  • Harris HBRS Bipod
  • 1 Magazine
  • 416R SS Action
    • 1.350 OD,
    • .750 Bolt,
    • One-Piece Bolt
    • Plunger Ejector
    • Mini 16 Extractor
    • Bolt Knob
    • Firing Pin / Spring
    • Cocking Piece
    • Bolt Shroud
    • Bolt Stop, Spring, Pin
    • Recoil Lug / Pins
    • Picatinny Scope Rail, Screws, Pins
    • Accepts AI/AW Magazine


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