THOR Tactical Shorty 12ga 1.85″ #8,0 Buck Mini Ammo Shotgun Shell 15 rd Box


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12 Gauge ammo is the perfect mini low recoil solution for pump-action 12 gauge shotguns. At 1.85” it offers higher capacity than standard 2 ¾” shells with a fraction of the recoil. Quickly becoming a favorite in the Remington Tac-14, they require no special adapter to function in most Remington pump actions. Due to the deviations in some shotguns, cycling is not guaranteed.

  • Caliber: 12GA
  • Bullet Style: #0 Buckshot
  • Case Type: 1.85″ Shell, High Brass
  • Quantity: 15/Box
  • 360 round Cases are available

Please note: Shells do not cycle correctly through Mossberg actions unless the shotgun is tipped up when cycling. Opsol Mini-Clip™ adapters are not compatible with THOR Tactical Shorties ammunition as they are designed for use with the slightly shorter Aguila Minishell® ammunition.

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