THOR LIBERTY .40 S&W Roller Lock Pistol Full Auto

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This item Is ITAR controlled item and will require a US State Department export license to be shipped out of the United States. Please Contact a THOR Sales Representative for Export information. 

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Caliber   9x19mm/.40 S&W/.45ACP
Operating principle Recoil Operated
Magazine capacity  9x19mm / 40 S&W

45 ACP

30 rounds

25 rounds

Modes of fire SAFE/SEMI/FULL
Rate of fire approx. 600/min
Sights Flip Up
Buttstock Side Folding Arm Brace
Length min./max. approx. 455/695 mm 17.91/27.36 inch
Width approx. 69.0 mm 2.72 in
Height      9x19mm


45 ACP

approx. 280mm 11.020in

305 mm 12.01 in

327 mm 12.87 in

Barrel length approx. 200 mm 7.87 inch
Sight radius approx. 325.0 mm 12.80 inch
Weapon     9x19mm

40 S&W

45 ACP

approx.  2350 g 5lbs 2.89 oz

2380 g 5lbs 3.95 oz

2470 g 5lbs 7.13 oz

Magazine      9x19mm

40 S&W

45 ACP

approx. 150 g 5.29 oz

180 g 6.35 oz

170 g 6.00 oz


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