Pacem Defense Less Lethal Skynet Drone Defense ALS12SKY-Mi5

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This item Is ITAR controlled item and will require a US State Department export license to be shipped out of the United States. Please Contact a THOR Sales Representative for Export information. 

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The ALS12SKY-Mi5 is a 12 gauge anti-drone def ense round designed to be
rapidly deployed against commercially available drones being utilized for illegal purposes; i.e.
illegal surveillance, contraband delivery. Upon firing through a 12ga cylinder or improved
bore barrel, the five tethered segments separate with centrifugal force and create a five (5’)
foot wide ‘capture net’ to effectively trap the drone’s propellers causing it to fail.

UN Number UN0012

Proper Shipping Name Cartridges for Weapons, Inert Projectile
Hazard class 1.4S
Quantity per package 250
Total package weight 35 lbs.
Package type 4G Cardboard Box
Package Dimensions 13 in x 10.25 in x 4.75 in (330 mm x 260 mm x 121 mm)