Pacem Defense Less Lethal ALSG101OC Hornets Nest Sting Grenade, .45 cal. Rubber Balls (70 Count), with Powder OC

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This item Is ITAR controlled item and will require a US State Department export license to be shipped out of the United States. Please Contact a THOR Sales Representative for Export information.

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The ALSG101OC is a rubber ball diversionary device that is designed to deliver chemical agent. Upon initiation, the fuze is ejected prior to functioning of the device. This prevents the fuze from becoming a secondary projectile. Upon function, approximately seventy .45 caliber rubber balls along with OC powder are dispersed in a 360 degree pattern.

UN Number UN0301
Proper Shipping Name Ammunition, Tear Producing
Hazard class 1.4G
Quantity per package 10
Total package weight 7.1 lbs (3.2 kg)
Package type 4G Fiberboard Box
Package Dimensions 16.75 x 7 x 5.5 in (425 mm x 178 mm x 140 mm)