Multi-Function Uncooled Thermal Binocular

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IR521 Uncooled Multi-Function Thermal Binocular
(Below called Imager), as imager, is using for detect the state of
the enemy and landform in bad weather or night to assist
improving the effect of target detection and shooting
performance. The product combines infrared Imager, visible
light and laser ranging finder together. It can be used for long
distance detection for day and night by individual soldier. It can
offer the soldier’s geographic coordinates, distance of the target
and the geographic coordinates of the target. It can improve the
detection power and master battle orientation to gain the
initiative in battle and give direct assistant to the soldier to help
them control the battlefield.

Main Function
a) Search, recognize and identify the target by Thermal Imager
& CCD camera.
b) Photo & Video recording, export the image or video by USB
c) Laser Range Finder was equipped.
d) High precise target locate function was optimized.
e) Video display on OLED inside or output to external display
Operation Key

GPS antenna

Infrared Camera lens
Laser Receiving Hole
Laser Emitting Hole


Visibility Adjust Ring

were both available.
f) Wi-Fi function were optional.
g) This imager could connect to Soldier Combat system.
3 Specification
3.1 Infrared Performance Range
In the condition that visibility no less than 15 km, humidity
no more than 80%, the temperature difference of target and
background no less than 4。C:
a) Typical target 2.3m x 2.3m: recognition distance ≥ 1.1km,
detection distance≥ 3.1km;
b) Upright individual soldier: recognition distance ≥ 0.85km,
detection distance≥ 1.6km.
3.2 Visible Light Detection Distance
When visibility not less than 15km, humidity not more than 80%:
a) Typical target 2.3m x 2.3m: recognition distance≥ 2.5km,
detection distance≥ 5.5km;
b) Upright individual soldier: recognition distance≥1.8km,
detection distance≥ 3.8km.
3.3 Infrared Detector
a) Working band: 8μm-14μm;

b) Pixel number: 640 x 512/20μm;800×600,17μm
c) Detector type: Uncooled FPA detector Vox
3.4 Infrared Optical Property
a) Focal length: 70mm;
b) Field angle: 10.45。 X 8.37。
3.5 Visible Light
High-definition visible light, CMOS, field angle:
3.6 Laser Range Finder
a) Band range: 1.57μm, human eye safety;
b) Longest ranging distance: when visibility not less than
15 km, relative humidity not more than 80%, the
longest ranging distance is not less than 3km for 2.3m
x 2.3m typical target;
c) Ranging precision: ≤ ±5m;
d) Accuracy rate: ≥ 98%.
3.7 Orientation Precision (Embedded)
a) Positioning mode: GPS, BeiDou were optional;
b) Self-positioning precision: ≤ 10m;
c) Target positioning precision ≤ 40m (The target is at
2km far).

3.8 Orientation Precision
≤ 0.5°(RMS)。
3.9 Memory Module
a) Nominal memory capacity is not less than 16GB;
b) Video data storage format: AVI;
c) Image data storage format: JPG.
3.10 OLED
1280 X 1024 high-definition colored OLED, binocular
display, visibility changeable.
3.11 Optical-axes boresight
The trembling optical axis between infrared and laser is ≤
3.12 Continuous Working Hours
Continuous working hours at room temperature: ≥ 5h
(Single full charged battery ).
3.13 Power Supply
a) External power source input: DC12V±0.5V;
b) Embedded battery: three 18650 batteries;
c) Complete machine power consumption: ≤ 8W (room

3.14 Physic Characteristic
a) Mainframe weight (including battery): ≤ 2.3kg;
b) Size: ≤ 240mm x 250mm x 115mm;
c) Mechanical interface: 1/4-inch nominal interface;
d) Appearance color: army green, desert yellow, black
were optional.
3.15 Communication Interface
a) Video interface: PAL video export (NTSC optional )
b) Communication interface: RS232;
c) WIFI: WIFI transmission interface;
d) USB interface: support US2.0;
e) External GPS were supported.
3.16 Package
Considering the need of field operation, portable bag and
safety box are selected. It can also achieve the function of
protection, portable and operation shelter.
3.17 Temperature Requirement
a) Working temperature: -40°C~+60°C;
b) Storage temperature: -40°C~+60°C.
3.18 Vibration and Shock Requirement
a) Vibration condition: machine power up; swept-sine is 5Hz~200Hz~5Hz; peak acceleration is 1.5g; at each perpendicular axial direction and each direction 6min;

b) Shock condition: half sine wave, pulse width 6ms,
accelerated speed 20g, three times shock at each
perpendicular axes.
3.19 Safety requirement
Free fall at 122cm high, down to the concrete surface with
safety box together, and the product is no damage.
3.20 Protection Level
3.21 Electromagnetic Compatibility Requirement
The machine’s electromagnetic compatibility can satisfy
the related requirement of land force platform, RE102(2MHz~
18GHz) and RS103(30MHz~1GHz、1GHz~18GHz), in GJB
151A-9 << Military Appliance and Electromagnetic
Emitting Subsystem Sensitivity >> Requirement.




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