THOR Global Defense Group has the capability and experience to coordinate and deploy to locations across the globe for humanitarian support in high risk areas. By utilizing our in-house security team and seasoned aid staff, we are able to provide a cost-effective and streamlined strategy for aid and support.

Our personnel boasts years of experience in working jointly with United Nations aid missions. We work closely with civilian and military personnel on engineering and constructing roads, schools, docking facilities, as well as drilling water wells and pipelines. Our staff has carried out contracts successfully in South & Central America and the Caribbean; most notably Belize, Panama, Haiti and El Salvador as well as past operations in Columbia to support War on Drugs efforts.

Our protection teams provide a secure perimeter for the operation from groundbreaking to completion. THOR Global Defense Group is able to respond quickly to any area across the globe to meet necessary construction deadlines while providing security and support to friendly ground forces.

THOR Humanitarian Aid