Today’s political climate demands a plan of action in the face of crisis. Governments and corporations alike face security threats to property, finances and the safety of their personnel. THOR Global Defense Group stands ready to defend and handle cases involving kidnappings, organized crime, extortion, disaster management, and threats. It is of the utmost importance for you to be prepared and provide effective security solutions for such circumstances.

THOR’s staff handles crisis management on an individual, personal review of your situation and works to develop a positive resolution. We are glad to provide services for clients that need assistance in identification of security vulnerability, training and establish an excellent working standard operating procedure (SOP). THOR’s crisis management guidebooks can be developed for any size entity in varying regions. THOR works to develop a specific crisis management guide with evacuation and planned response outlines contained within. Training your staff is then the next step to ensure understanding and efficiency among any team members involved.

THOR’s security consulting services are an integral portion of any crisis management plan as pre-planning for worst case scenario events allows for improved reaction time and organized response.

Standard Operating Procedures and Guidebooks

Mission/Facility specific
Build and develop on-site response team (your staff or ours)
Test and evaluate current and future procedures
Prepare for nuclear, biological and chemical incident

Threat/Vulnerability Assessment

Determine current threat level to individuals or entity as a whole
Assess current privacy procedures
Determine security flaws within existing protocol
Determine new security measures to implement, test and evaluate pre- and post-implimentation


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