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Cards We Accept

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Pre-Ban, Machine Guns, and Other popular models

Before you sell your firearms please feel free to contact us so we can make sure you are gettng the best value for them. No collection is too large. Finders Fees are paid. 

We consistently provide excellent and discreet service and fairly priced items. We have the ability to create a trust for any Class 3 item.  You can avoid the uncertainity of consignment or brokering as we offer 100% Risk, Worry, and Hassel Free Transactions. 

You will never have to wait until your gun sells before you are paid. We offer tradeins (another item available on THOR Tactical Training Center or if there is something you are wanting that we don't have on the website we can look into purchasing the item) and Buy Backs( selling of just the item no trade in)

Trades and Buy Back

We do accept trades/buy-backs on Pre-Ban firearms, Machine Guns, Other popular models, and Accessories.  For us to consider the value of the firearm we will need pictures and information on the firearm. No exact dollar value will be given until we are able to have the weapon inspected for flaws or other issues.


The firearms should be shipped via FedEx or UPS according to shipping instructions for firearms. All items should be insured for the replacement value. Firearms should not be loaded and should be completely functional and in clean condition.

We do reserve the right to refuse any offers for any reason, if the firearm does not meet our qualifications the firearm will be returned to you via a licensed FFL/SOT dealer in your area. Terms & Conditions do apply. See below for list of firearms. Feel free to contact us regarding an item on this list or any other items you might have that might not be on the list


Pre-Ban, Machine Guns, and Other popular models  

Accuracy Intl. AE MK II HK MR 762 SD A1-OSS NFA Item SIG 550-1 SP
Accuracy Intl. L96 AW (CFI) Interdynamic KG-9 SIG 550-1 Sniper
Accuracy Intl. ASR Kit Intratec TEC-DC9 SIG 550-2
Barrett REC7 Gen 1 INTRAC ARMS MKll SIG 550-1SP
Barrett M82A1 Knight's SR-15 16" SIG SG 551 West Coast Armory
Barrett M107 Limited Edition Kit Knight's SR-15 M5 SIG 551
Blaser R93 LRS Knight's SR-15 Match SIG 551-2 SP
Bushmaster ACR Black 16" Knight's SR-15 MAGPUL SIG 551-2 SP SWAT LE ONLY Marking
Century Arms PSL54 Knight's SR-15 KNIGHTHAWK SIG 551 A1
Colt LE6921 SBR Knight's SR-25 Pre-ban Sniper SIG PE90
Colt LE6921 LE Markings SBR Knight's SR-25 Military Springfield M1A Std N.W. Green Box
Colt LE6921SE SAW Special Edition Knight's SR-25 Military W/Scope Springfield M1A Std G.I. Green Box
Colt IAR Upper Knight's SR-30 9.5 " #31970 SBR Springfield M1A N.M.  Green Box
Colt IAR Rifle Knight's SR-30 14.5" SBR Springfield M1A S.M. Doug Green Box
Colt LE901-16S Upper Knight's SR-30 DSR Springfield M1A S.M. Hart  Green Box
Colt LE901-16S Knight's MK11 CARBINE Springfield M1A-A1 Green Box
Colt LE901-16SE Upper Knight's MK11 MOD 0 Springfield M1A-E2 Green Box
Colt LE901-16SE Knight's MK11 MOD 1 Springfield M1A MK14 EBR RI
Colt LE901-16 CSASS Military FDE Knight's M110 Kit STEYR AUG Black
Daewoo K1A1 Knight's XM110 Kit STEYR AUG Green
EDM-ARMS WINDRUNNER XM408 McMillan Bros TAC50 STEYR AUG Special Receiver
EDM-ARMS WINDRUNNER M96 Mitchell Arms AK-47 Wood Stock 7.62x39 STEYR AUG LMG Sniper w/Bipod
FAMAS BULLPUP Mitchell Arms AK-47 Folding Stock 7.62x39 STEYR SSG 69 Black
Franchi Spas Folding Stock Mitchell Arms AK-47 Heavy R.P.K 7.62x39 STEYR SSG 69 Green
Franchi Spas Fixed Stcok Mitchell Arms AK-47 Counter Sniper 7.62x39 STEYN SSG 69 PIV Black
FN FS2000 Green Mitchell Arms AK-47 Wood Stock 7.62x51 STEYN SSG 69 PIV Green
FN FS2000 Black Mitchell Arms AK-47 Folding Stock 7.62x51 Tommy Built TG36K Dual Optics SBR
FN HERSTAL F.N.C Mitchell Arms AK-47 Heavy R.P.K 7.62x51 Tommy Built TMP 45 SBR
Galil AR Norinco AK-47 56S Wood stock 7.62x39 TrackingPoint XactSystem XS2
Galil AR Norinco AK-47 56S-1 Underfolder 7.62x39 Ultimate Accuracy AMAC 5100
Galil ARM Wood Norinco AK-47 56S-2 Sidefolder 7.62x39 UZI Mini UZI
Galil ARM Wood Norinco AK-47 56S-3 Bakelite 7.62x39 UZI Model A Rifle
Galil Galatz Sniper Norinco AK-47 84S 5.56 Valmet M62S 5.56
HK M1 Benelli Norinco Dragunov NDM-86 Valmet M71/S Wood Stock 5.56
HK SP5K PDW SBR Redick Arms M500 Valmet M76F Floding Stock 5.56
HK SP89 Redick Arms M650 Valmet M76W Wood Stock 5.56
HK 94 Remington R4 14.5" SBR Valmet M76P Plastic Stock 5.56
HK USC Remington R4 16" Valmet M76F Floding Stock 7.62x51 / 308
HK 33 Remington R4 RGP Valmet M76W Wood Stock 7.62x51 / 308
HK 53 Remington Model 7 AAC Edition Valmet M76P Plastic Stock 7.62x51 / 308
HK 91A2 Remington R10 #86361 Valmet M76F Floding Stock 7.62x39
HK 91A3 PARA Remington R10 #86671 ERASR Valmet M76W Wood Stock 7.62x39
HK 91A2 Woodland Camo Remington R11 RSASS Valmet M76P Plastic Stock 7.62x39
HK 91A2 Desert Camo Remington 700 Police Sniper Spec.  
HK 93A2 Remington 700 PSS Fluted  
HK 93A3 PARA Remington USR (Urban Sniper Rifle)  
HK 93A2 Woodland Camo Remington M24  
HK 93A2 Desert Camo Remington CSR #86668  
HK SR9 Remington XM2010 Rifle BLK  
HK SR9T Remington XM2010 Rifle TAN  
HK SR9TC Remington PSR/MSR  
HK MR 556 A1 Competition ROBAR RC-50  
HK MR 556 A1 Picatinny rail ROBAR RC-50F  
HK MR 761 A1 Picatinny rail SIG 550  
HK MR 556 SD A1-OSS NFA Item SIG SG550-1 Sniper  
Cards We Accept
Cards We Accept

Use keywords to find the product you are looking for.
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