Steps to properly break-in your barrel

For the first 10 rounds:

  • Clean after every shot. Use wet patches with solvent until all blue and green coloration is gone.
  • THEN: Use nylon brush with solvent a 3-5 times up and down the barrel.
  • THEN: Use one wet patch with solvent – wait ten minutes
  • THEN: Run dry patches through barrel until patches exit clean and dry.

 For the next 20 rounds

  • Clean every two rounds

For the next 30 rounds

  • Clean every three rounds

For the next 50 rounds

  • Clean every five rounds

You may stop when the clean, dry patches go through smoothly and with ease. Accuracy will continue to improve for several hundred rounds.

Your barrel is now broken in!

*It is very important to continue to clean your rifle on a regular basis! We recommend cleaning your weapon after every twenty rounds. Be sure to keep your weapon well-oiled, especially if you plan to keep it in storage for an extended period of time. You may also want to take your weapon out every few weeks or months to re-apply a coat of oil – depending on the gun’s environment. We suggest Militec-1

Nearly every accuracy problem is caused by failure to properly break-in the rifle or not using high-grade ammunition.